About Backfeed

Backfeed develops resilient technology and new economic models to support free, large-scale, systematic collaboration. Based on a distributed governance model, Backfeed protocols make it possible for people to easily deploy and maintain decentralized applications and organizations that rely on the spontaneous and voluntary contribution of hundreds, thousands or millions of people.

Backfeed provides the infrastructure and toolkits that build on the emerging blockchain ecosystem. The protocols reward individual contributors through the distribution of economic tokens and the reallocation of personal influence, based on the perceived value of their contributions to a particular community.

As an analogy, if the blockchain can be regarded as the TCP/IP (communication layer of the internet), Backfeed is building a canonical protocol and platform (akin to the HTTP protocol and the web browser) to enable blockchain-based decentralized collaboration, as easily as one would deploy a website today.



Imagine Facebook owned by its users. Imagine people lending or borrowing money, buying and selling goods or services without relying on banks or PayPal, insuring each other directly without intermediate insurance companies.

Imagine a decentralized transportation network independent of Uber, renting apartments without transaction fees, new P2P marketplaces emerging as alternatives to eBay and Amazon.

Imagine open source communities where contributors are also shareholders, and in which the creation of value leads to its fair and transparent distribution.

Imagine corporations that spark off extraordinary contributions of individuals and unleash innovation hindered by the rigidities of hierarchical structures.

With Backfeed, this vision is beginning to unfold...

Use Cases

From grassroots movements to crowdsourced innovation, the Backfeed protocols power any type of decentralized collaborative organizations.

Grassroots organizations

for those who value decentralization as an organizational principle, we provide the ability to organize through a grassroots bottom-up governance model.


Legacy organizations

for those who value innovation and creativity, we provide the ability to create open spaces for generative action through distributed governance models.


Transient organizations

for those who need to orchestrate temporary and ad-hoc collaboration for a specific purpose, we provide a hybrid orchestration processes that can be fine-tuned to the emerging requirements. For example, orchestrating Collective Intelligence and hackathons.


Crowdsourcing-based organizations

for those who rely on the power of the crowds, we provide the ability to evaluate contributions and to reward contributors in a fair and equitable way, by turning collaborators into actual shareholders.



Backfeed develops foundational tools for decentralized collaboration, syncing the spontaneous actions of millions of people to promote an era of collaboration and decentralized value production. The technological tools support:

  • Decentralized Governance
  • Fair Value Distribution
  • Bottom-up Decision Making
  • Incentivisation Models

In particular, Backfeed is currently working on developing two foundational tools for decentralized collaboration:

The Backfeed protocols

a set of rules for the distribution of value among contributors to a decentralized organization, including economic tokens and reputational rewards.

The visual browser

a navigation system for people to immediately understand the structure of decentralized organizations, so they see how they can contribute the most at any given time.

Our Team

Matan Field
Chief Evangelist
PhD in physics and founder of La'zooz, a ride sharing app developed collectively by its community
Jordan Greenhall
Chief Ratiocinator
Former CEO of DivX. Quite often down to earth but generally high up with his heart.
Primavera De Filippi
Chief Alchemist
Researcher at Harvard Law School and leading expert on legal implications of DCOs.
Tal Serphos
Master Chief
The man taking care of all that happens behind the scenes.
Yaniv Keinan
Chief Architect
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Ore Landau
Chief Unicorn
Web developer with a special hunch for Front-End UI/UX development
Adam Goldman
Chief Juggler
Senior developer experienced in front-end and client-side applications
Michel Avital
Chief Professor
Professor at Copenhagen Business School
Philippe Honigman
Chief Innovator
Delivers products, closes deals, builds relationships.
Eden Landau
Chief Happiness
Spreading knowledge, one synapse at a time.
Naomi Steinitz
Chief Listener
Productivity hacker, human-2-human communication
Neeraj Jain
Chief Expert
A programmer by heart who is very passionate about all things coding
Amnon Barnea
Chief Designer
Creating experiences with three eyes open
Sarah Masare
Chief Storyteller
Narrative weaver and story artisan



Backfeed wants to decentralize the Internet and help you earn what you deserve

Founded by a small group of graduate students with a vision for a fairer society, this startup aims to start a revolution as big as the Internet itself
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